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"Bree I am so sorry to make you a part of this, the Shrooms havenot come after my family in over 500 years. They were always afraid ofour retaliation...against their leadership. Both sides know who the otherside's leaders are, and for centuries fear of mutual destruction has keptmy family safe. Something must have happened to heat it up. The battlehas been more like the Cold War influencing governments, economies, andmedia. I never thought that a daughter, disowned by her Duke father,would. My holes loosened but gripping to their cocks as I cum. Suddenly I feel the guy behind me slip from my pussy and sliding against my asshole too. He presses against it and pushes, harder and harder, until my asshole finally pops. Stretching open as his cock slides along side the cock already in my ass, ripping me open, destroying my asshole. I scream as tears run down my face, the pain wincing but subsiding as I feel them slowly start to fuck me. My ass opening up more for them easily as they. If I want to bring every whore on the street in here I will.’ ‘I am your wife! How can you bring your mistress into our home? How can you embarrass me like this?’ ‘Yes and as my wife you will do as I say. Not another word, my dear, I am feeling rather tired. I am not to be disturbed.’ He threw Dana to the floor and walked away from her. Dana’s head hit the wall with enough force to make her pass out. One of the maids seen the commotion and helped her employer back to consciousness. ‘Madame. "Still there, Claire?" Just about." Val's going to take care of me now. Aren't you, Val? Open my zip. That's it. And now - yes. Like that. That's good. Nice and slow now."My hand, already inside the waistband of my knickers, sought my clitoris, found it, began to rub. In my ear for a while there was only the sound of Julian's deep breathing. Valerie must have been performing brilliantly because he came quite quickly. A long groan of pure relief was followed by a short silence, then, "Claire - I.

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