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He looked great, and smelled nice too. He is about 5-10, 175 pounds. He looked like he takes great care of his body, and I would find out later that h... really did. He drove a very hot Mercedes, and took me to a very fancy Italian restaurant, very dark and romantic. The conversation and wine was flowing nicely. He even ordered dinner for me. The food was wonderful, and I wasn’t feeling any pain from the wine. The waiter paid extra special attention to us, especially since I had been flashing my. ." wait dont go just yet" she interupted. As I stood up she said "Do you find me attractive?" "Well yes you are and your husband is very lucky" I said smiling. "he does'nt touch me anymore, I want a man to make love to me"She came closer to me, putting her hand around my neck and leaned in to kiss me. I made no attempt to stop her, we kissed passionately as if we were 2 teenagers. It felt strange, I never thought that a woman of her age would still kiss like that.She led me by her hand,. "The women had chosen their plan well. Don was no good at plumbing, and Frank was a dummy when it came to wiring. It seemed perfectly natural for the women to trade their husbands' services. Don went off with Joan, leaving Vicky with Frank."Where's that faucet?" Frank asked."Oh, there's no big rush," Vicky purred. "How about a drink first? You probably had a hard day on the golf course." Uh, yeah," Frank said, reddening a little. "A drink would be great, Vicky."She brought him a drink and sat. Then i consoled her hugged her and told‘ i luv you chechi ‘But she pushed me away.She told me that the class was over.She took her panty and placed under the bed.She went out of the room to bathroom. I was afraid and i don’t know what to do.Then i left there.I didn’t went to the class for the next 2 days.I told my mother that i i am feeling headache.Next day chichi came to my house and asked what happened to me.Then my mother told that i m ill.She came to me and asked how was me? I didn’t.

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