"Uh huh, and that is what we need to talk about," Susan replied, leaning back against the couch, turning her body slightly so that her bent right knee...was touching Keri's left leg slightly."You know, I really do hope that you and I can become friends, Keri. I'm not going to try and take the place of your mother for you, because we both know I couldn't do that in a million years."I didn't know your mother, but I know people who did, and I've never heard anything but the best about her from them.. “Yes, well… Where would you say the problem started?" Bethany ventured cautiously. “With you," SAL replied resolutely. “Me?!" Bethany responded, incredulously. “You must recall the sequence of events which prompted me to re-awaken the Captain and yourself seventeen hours ago. The errant data which was recorded by my monitors was created by your subconscious mind," the computer explained. “I have no control over what happens in my subconscious mind!" Bethany protested. “And yet, your. Deciding that it would be more personal if she gagged Jessica herself, Janet got the gag from Tina. She walked over to Jessica, and presented the object to her slave. "Is this what you want?" asked Janet. "Yes, Mistress." "Then you shall have it, slave," said Janet. Jessica opened her mouth, and Janet pushed the red rubber ball inside, drawing the straps around to the back of the neck. Jessica bowed her head to assist Janet as the buckle was drawn tight and closed, with her bound. She knew her cunt was more sensitive than most and looked upon this as the greatest of blessings; Nancy absolutely loved to be fucked. Nancy’s only complaint regarding her pussy was the amount of moisture it produced; she almost came like a man, ejecting torrents of hot pussy juice, which some men did not like or appreciate. Thankfully Jim lived to drink her torrid sauce, loved going down on her and coating his face in the tangy liquid that his tongue coaxed out of her wonderful cunt. Jim.

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Bbc deep throat

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