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As they left her Gemma said “I hope you enjoy your stay”Then totally unexpectedly the Asian woman turned and said “thanks sweetie, I think we wi...l” and grabbed the man’s cock through his jeans in a way that showed the outline of the biggest cock Gemma had seen.When Gemma realised she was staring with her mouth open she apologised profusely and disappeared down the hall as they laughed. Gemma parked the cart outside the toilet and rushed into a cubicle. She pictured the tiny Asian lady impaled. MING: The society is named after you? ATREUS: LOL. No. I took the name of the Society for my code name as an author.It's a secret society so only the members know the relevance of the name. Andnow you, of course. MING: How many members are there? ATREUS: At the moment about twenty men and an equal number of girls. Theycome from all over the US, but usually only six to eight couples attend anygiven feast. MING: Can anyone join? ATREUS: Anyone we trust. But females can't be over thirty-nine.. "Trinity and Tyanna are working the cameras," Shelly explained as if she were talking to a child. "A lot of girls use web cams, but we went with something higher quality. We use hand-held mini-cams that not only stream the video but record it, too."Adam answered the only way he could."Oh," he said."Walt and Meredith are serving as mods," Erin continued, using the exact same tone that Shelly had used. Adam simply nodded, refusing to show his ignorance by asking what a "mod" was. Shelly told him. Since you were such a good sport yesterday, I’ll only give you one task for today. You’re going to give the boys a little treat, just for the eyes. Today, you are going to forego wearing a bra of any kind.That is all.Plenty of girls do it, after all, you don’t really need the support anyway. Think of it as striking a blow for women’s equality while pleasing the eyes at the same time.We’ll talk later, sweet girl.”Dressed in pjs she stared at her closet and thought. Did she really need to do.

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