We need this win, this will propel us up the rankings and open up the big money fights’ Jack was momentary distracted, time stopped….his Dad was s...reaming at him and the crowd was roaring but Jack was looking at a beautiful red headed vision. The visions name was Cathy Reilly and she was on the arm of another man. Jack was pulled back to the present as the bell rang for the 9th round. The last thing his Dad said was ‘Jesus Jack forget Cathy and get your head back in the fight’ The fight went. ’She thought as a small smile appeared on her face.“Who touched her?”Lucas asked in a hoarse voice, instilling fear in the heart of the man in suit, who at the moment was shaking slightly. He approached quickly and said it eagerly.“C-Colonel Price?”Lucas’ eyebrows shot up as the strange feeling in his heart grew. He already suspected when he entered the place and saw a lot of cross-dressers, but he didn’t expect his guess to be right.He looked the man in the suit up and down, causing the big. While he was busy with my lips, the other two came and removed my clothes.Vishnu was now sucking and biting my nipples. Jishnu was licking my ass hole. Uff, that was the first experience I had with three males on me.Later I told them to remove their tools so I could suck and leave. But I wasn’t aware of what things they had planned.Kevin had a 6-inch thick uncut tool with so much pre cum to be sucked. First, while sucking Kevin, I saw Vishnu sucking Jishnu’s 5-inch uncut cock. He was taking it. I borrowed a short skirt from a friend, wore a very low cut revealing top and got my hair done and put on full make-up. I looked in the mirror and thought “I’m still a nerdy History student in granny glasses. But here we go”. Well the class went well and I knew he was looking me up and down and was interested in me. Later that day I ran into John, who I knew was a good friend of Jim from high school. John said “Karen you know that big guy in my class named Jim?” I acted uninterested and said.

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Desi Chubby Aunty

Desi Chubby Aunty

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