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I was made to watch as she filled her pussy with several of her favorite dildoes. She had several orgasms as I begged to be released. You will be rele...sed when I say so she told me. When she had finished having her fun she came round behind me, bent me over the bed and rubbed anal lube on my virgin arse."Are you ready?" she asked. When I protested she forced the panties she had used to wipe my cock into my mouth. "Suck those clean," she commanded. I was wondering what was going to happen next,. I put my arms around her hips and pressed my face into her pretty butt. I put my tongue against her asshole and moved it in circles until my tongue started getting dizzy. Then I moved down and sucked on her pussy a bit. She opened her legs so I could suck on her clit. She was making delighted little sounds the whole time. I moved up and down her pussy and crotch, generally molesting the whole area with my mouth like a fat kid working on a banana split. She tasted like a banana split too, but a. He then found my foreskin and I guess he found a new toy because he kept playing with it. I could tell he was really getting into it because he was pushing faster now. At one point he accidentally hit my hole and I moved. He stopped. He got scared and didn’t move a muscle. I pretended I was still asleep but it didn’t matter I had scared him off. We both fell asleep with his cock wedged between my legs. In the morning I woke up first and I was still nestled in his arms. I was enjoying the. .. you were a placeholder for Joe. I didn’t want to put any more kids through that than Katie, who I already thought was yours. Subconsciously, I just couldn’t do it. We’ve talked of kids, but it just wasn’t meant to be ... I’m so sorry, Dan. But ... we did have some good times. Please, try to think of those. Oh, and just for the record, you were actually better in the sack than Joe. A lot better. If this were just about sex, I would stay with you. But it’s about love. I love him. I never loved.

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