Find The Right Card Episode 2

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I am 6+ in height with a gym body and look very nice (as my friends tell me). Now this is a story when I was doing my graduation. This incident happen...d with a girl named Riya my fellow batch mate in a tuition class. She was one hell of a looker blessed with silky hair, fair milky complexion, very adorable face n a body to die for (38D-28-38). We were batch mates for long and everybody used to drool over here including me but I never made it obvious like other fools in the batch. So we used to. He pulls me off the bed and holds me in his arms, kissing me. Man: I sense her desire for me in her kiss and her hug tells me that she is happy with the clothes I bought for her. I kiss her back with equal passion, holding her close to me. Pulling back a bit, I say, ‘I need to take a shower, dear.’ Woman: My head is spinning from his kiss, my arms still around him, and I have a wicked idea. Looking at him with desire in my eyes, I say, ‘Let me start the shower for you.’ Man: As she looks at me. We sat there for a moment just admiring each other."Damn, girl, what your name?" Jules... yours?" Devon. You're lookin' real fine right now, Jules."I smiled at him. Devon stroked himself through his jeans before approaching me. He did not hesitate to start making out. His lips were soft as they traveled around my neck, leaving a few marks. I returned the favor as he felt up my breasts. Devon reached behind him and shut and locked the stall door. I helped him remove his jacket and hoodie to. " I took her hand and led her to my car. Though she was filled with nervous giggles on the drive to the shop, I could tell she was truly ready for and desirous of this next step in her life.When we got to the shop, we met the three attendants that were assigned to work with Angie. Introductions were made, and we met Sue, Frances and Wendy. Sue began by taking pictures of Angie. The goal was to complement her light peach skin tone, sun-streaked sandy brown hair, hazel eyes and the blush of her.

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