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Andi was the one to break the ice. She and Ian were at the next seating area over and “couldn’t help” overhearing me talk about exams and summer...plans. Next thing I knew, Andi and I were talking all about graduate school and life dreams. I must say, she was mesmerizing. She was so smart and confident. A woman of the world who, at age forty (so I estimated), had already been to all the places I had only read about. I couldn’t quite place her accent, but she was clearly eastern European and she. I decided to submit to the task at hand and try to ignore my painful erection. I got back to licking along the shaft of Rick’s cock and following on to the underside of Anna’s pussy. It seemed to work as very soon they both were announcing that they were about to cum. I increased the pace of my licking as they both moaned and writhed in ecstasy.I then started to taste cum off Rick’s cock as he was unloading his cum into Anna. Each time his cock retracted, it tasted more and more of his thick. He increased his speed and I couldn’t control myself and have another big orgasm.He then got up and Raj came before me. I could see Ranbir’s giant dick inside his pants bulging and I wasted no time and unzipped his jeans and got his underwear down and my jaw just dropped! This was the most amazing dick I ever saw, I went to touch it but I looked at my husband, he nodded in an understanding tone “It’s all yours for tonight baby, only this once. It’s your Christmas present, all for you. ” and he. She barely made it to the car." he said scared and fast. "Which one mayor?.. ok mayor chill.. slow down.." hoping it was the hottie council women that he meet late week, starting to light a cigar. "Mrs ANderson!" Mayor still not slowing down, still with the same pitch. Bull puffs on his cigar, enjoying the after cum glow "ya ya..yeah she could be fuckin' hot if I could get her out of her power suits, I would luv ya' take her up the ass.." as he yanks puppy to his cock again, making.

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