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” He kissed gently along the bone and then into her cleavage. Dan didn’t try to push further than their comfort allowed. Artsy held his head close... that is as much as she wanted in the den. They drank two glasses of wine and shared an hour of intimate conversation. Reflecting on their conversation several days later during a lull at work, Dan realized they seemed to pick up the getting to know you conversation they began the first few times they bumped into one another at Gilley’s. Am I falling. You can say I was one of the few nerdy popular kids. I got straight 'A's and was just handsome enough for the girls to like me.One hot June afternoon, my parents went away to go shopping and I was all alone. I went on Youtube to see if I could get a good laugh at some videos. As I'm watching my favorite video, I notice that there is a recommended video called "Hot Babes Making Out". I remembered that my friend always talked about how awesome two chicks going at it were. So the curious teen. Eventually this brought on another climax for her, but I just got a roaring hardon.===Heather==="I can't believe you did that," I exclaimed. "It felt so good!" "I can't believe you did that either!" he replied."That was amazing, but you didn't cum, did you?" No. It's OK. But I was thinking, you know. People sometimes fuck there," he added."I know. Wow. Yes, yes, I want to try it!" and I got on my knees.===Ryan===I was totally taken aback by how quickly she almost begged for this. This was. Partially withdrawing, he thrust back in, relishing the tight grip of her anus on his cock. Bent over her back to grasp her swinging breasts, he was just beginning to pump his cock in full strokes when with gasping groans she urged him to stop, telling him it hurt. Unsurprised, if she hadn’t had any anal action in over a year, he withdrew immediately. Still bent over her with his hands on her breasts, he lowered his hips, shuffling closer to her, his cock nosing blindly between her thighs until.

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