They also check the person whether they are having weed and any other illegal things hidden in their body. This is the time I was sweating on the insi...e and I’m so much worried.After 5 mins one of the police came to me and asked for my papers he was a matured police with age between 30 to 35.I said him about the license.He started to threaten me of putting a case on me.I know their intention is money but I spent almost all my money for petrol and food.I also did not have my atm with me.Then I. Will not my loyal lords and men save me this affront?" Gabrain managed to squeal out.Scott, Fiona and Eilean laughed and did nothing to help him, thinking perhaps he was due this for teasing Lachlan so.Lachlan sailed south a few days later, leaving Scott, the girls and Gabrain to make their plans for getting through the winter. Scott was re-assured that all of his lordship's settlements had sufficient food for the duration and he knew things would be even better in future years as the benefits. Later that night me and Camille started having sex. I can usually last for as long as I want because me and Camille have sex so much.. I was on top of Camille when a loud roar of thunder shook the room. I started doing Camille harder then Kristen knocked on the door, she asked if she could come in. Camille said hold on, I got back in my boxers and Camille put on a night dress and turned on the lamp. Kristin came in and asked if she could stay in the room with us the night because it had started. "You're just into this as much as I am!" They kissed and she reached for his crotch as she kept one eye on the road. "So how far to Jen's?" She looked at her watch. "Oh.., about five more minutes. I'm going to call her now and tell her I met you in the frame shop where you work and that you can suggest some frames for her paintings. She's been thinking a lot about that." Gregg just looked out the window and wondered if he could pull this off. Dorothy called ahead and when they pulled up.

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