Ruby Muscle Visits West Philly Dungeon

Ab tu aagayi.. Thaare saat khana khaa lungi.” she said happily. We both sat and introduced ourselves properly. She was the typical village girl dres...ed in a top and long skirt with a dupatta on her head and me being a rugged chic from Jaisalmer wore a Denim Shorts and a Crop Top which exposed my navel ring on my belly button.She had a rock hard bed inside her home with a thin mattress on it. She said she was the daughter of one of the Village heads nearby. We spoke to each other for a long. That was shortly after I buried my parents and older sister. They had died in a car crash and blind luck had kept me home that day. So it was my gnarly old grandfather that raised me these last twelve years. If I wanted something I worked for it. So he figured I could beat my diagnosis with sheer willpower alone. He was wrong.I didn't moan and bitch. What was the point of that? I just made a list and decided to see how many things on it I could do before I died. It wasn't a long list but it was. I asked them both why it was that they had come to be there. My ex replied that they were there to settle an argument between the two.I went to tell her brother why we broke up, but she interrupted by saying that I was not ready for commitment (adding nothing about the fact that I like men too).Anyway, their bet was about how she had said that she could get any man to receive a blow-job from her any time she wanted, even in view of another person. He was adamant that she would be too. He slowly slid most of his dick out of her mouth, and then eased it back in. Erica was humping her hips up against his hand as she sucked hard on his penis. She realized that Randy would need a prompt of some sort, to let him know that she was paying attention."Mmmmm-hmm?" She said into the phone, her lips around another man's organ."I know! Can you believe it?" Randy asked, chuckling. 'Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!' He could hear the noise at the other end of the phone, but to him it sounded.

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