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They sat next to us and we started to get to know each other. They were both single and were regulars at the club. I noticed that Sandra kept rubbing ...ubby’s leg running her hand up little by little until she was mid thigh. Then Judy sat on the other side of hubby (Carl) and were driving him wild by tormenting him. Then Judy asked if they could have Carl, by which I told them to take him and do what ever they wanted of him. It was Sandra who was in front of Carl and Judy behind teasing him. And. “Can you see better now?” I asked knowing that my cock was sticking out the leg of my shorts and filling with blood, her hands were still on my thighs holding them apart“Yes sir, perfect” she said in a soft voice and as I felt my cock standing loud and proud outside of my shorts under the desk, her hands now moving up my thighs slowly and gently massaging, it felt good and I knew my cock was throbbing.Her hands come up the inside of my thighs and I felt her warm fingers reach in and fondle my. "I was only thinking about you the other day," he ventured quite truthfully. She smiled as though she understood. "Oh yes..." "Yes...where have you been today?" "Just left a friend's..." "Where are you off to now?" "I was thinking of going home...?" she smiled. "Both answers the same as last time!" he mused to himself. He jumped in. "Fancy popping round for a coffee?" She stared up at him for a brief moment. "Okay..." He lead the way back to his flat, passing one of his 'neighbours'. I need to go for now and do some homework. I have really enjoyed talking with you, Frank, and hope that I can find you online tomorrow night. You seem like a very nice man. I’d like to get to know you better.”Then he replied, “I have enjoyed talking with you too, Amy, and hope to talk with you again soon.”I immediately went to bed but couldn’t go to sleep for hours. I had to think about all that had happened and decide whether I should continue chatting anonymously with Frank like that. I knew.

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