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“I know just who to send, they have assets in the area. A file will be sent to you within the hour.”“Thank you, Dave,” Pellington says with a ...it of the stress leaving his system.“Save the thanks for when this conflict is over, Russell. Good luck.”Pellington hangs up the phone, leaving his hand placed on the device for a moment. “Put the entire ship on alert, word of mouth. I don’t want any free movement with guards.”“Understood sir, but what about the fleet?” his XO inquires.“Have the fleet. ..she was staff once too...thirty years ago...I'll sent these to her tonight. I'll face time her tonight and watch her fuck herself with a dildo while she looks at your photos...she loves pics of my cock in some new sluts holes...grrreat. Don't ya think that's ....modern...yes...modern....we keep our marriage fresh...and modern...by me taking pictures of little sluts like you...now, come here...I want close ups of those tattoos..what do they mean anyway?" "Iiim nnnot sure" Ha...doesn't. .." I'll take it," George said.Nicole's black eyes glimmered. Her smile became crafty."Make me come," she said.George paused. He didn't know what to say."When it comes to a succubus and a human male, the succubus has total control in all matters concerning sex," Nicole said. "As you'd expect of a being that's an absolute personification of carnal desires."She sat cross-legged next to George. Her tail curled round into her lap. She stared down at the flicking, arrow-pointed tip."Unfortunately,. And the line, from my tushy down to the back of my heel, seemed to go on forever. It really made the patterened stockings look looooooonnnnnnnnnnnng. Of course it made me taller and I start out at an altitude of six feet - without heels. I bent over at the waist keeping my upper torso straight and once again admired the ruffles that became exposed.. Ronni laughed and applauded quietly. "Sit down," he invited. I did. "Now cross your legs" I did. "No , higher up on your thigh. Make it cross.

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