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Guys please don’t ask me to let her introduce to you. At any cost I won’t do such silly thing. I wish to hear from men’s and ladies about your o...inion on this story. You can mail me on at any time especially from women folks.Lets begin.Well this happened at the beginning of this month. I stay with family in near Electronic city . I’m undergraduate student doing regular in reputed Clg . At end of 2nd sem as usual I got a month holidays as vacation. . It started to bore in home. So I got. There was a girl there who looked a lot like June.She didn't play, she just watched from the rail above the pit. I noted the time on the Casino wall and the time of every roll of the little marble ... this table had a minimum bet of a thousand dollars and two double zero slots on the wheel. Double zero paid 35 to one if you bet on it.There seemed to be an inordinate number of falls on double zero. Of the 35 spins I watched, double zero captured the ball seven times. Time to try a different. You get your rocks off, but I don’t get to enjoy the thrill of having an orgasm.” “Baby, I’m sorry about that. I didn’t know. Maybe I’ve been selfish, but I thought I was doing the best for you that I could. Where is this conversation going?" “It’s going to why I was next door when you drove in and why I’m wearing only this robe.” “Several days ago,” she continued “While you were working at your job, I decided to sunbathe in our back yard and get a bit of a tan. I went out there, removed all of. I put my hand in front of his cock and let him soak me, and then I brought it up to my mouth and tasted. Nice and salty. My cock bobbed and strained painfully at the leash, my stream, now hardly a stream at all, coming out in a dribbling loop.I grasped him properly, guiding the warm lemon-coloured liquid into the trough. He was still pissing like a horse by the time I'd finished. I squeezed his cock tight to stop his flow for a moment and got down on my knees and turned him towards me. I.

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