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We needed all of it, just to take care of the new acreage.Because, of the continuing economic downturn, Lupe and I were able to buy everything we need...d, at what could only be called ridiculously low prices. Most of it came from farm liquidation auctions being held all over the San Joaquin Valley to the North. As bad as things were for agriculture down where we were, they were several times worse for the farmers in one of the most fertile agricultural valleys in the world. Once again, the lack. I mean, I didn’t tell her why, just that we’d agreed it was once only. Well, with you.”“Henry?” I chuckled.“Possibly, yes, though I was thinking maybe taking her to see Rhonda!”“Seriously? You think that’s a good idea?”“Becka wants to explore. I can’t think of a better way than Rhonda, her boyfriend, and another guy. All doing Becka.”“Are you sure that’s wise?” I asked.“I’ll tell her about it first. She can make up her own mind. That is what you tell people to do, isn’t it?”“It is, but this. That’s what she was taught. Her first cogniscent moment was the face of an elder, leaning into her face and whispering the words. “Watch everyone. Trust no one.” The first time, she was far too young to know what the words meant. But even her innocent, child eyes could see the menace and fear mingled in the elder’s face. She understood that she was being told about something that would flow through every element of her life. The elder’s words were, she came to realise, a mantra for their. She yawned and stretched feeling thoroughly satisfied. A small smile played on her lips as she thought back to the night before. Over and over he had taken her, and every time was like a different experience. Colin had taken her to heights that she had never experienced and shown her more pleasure than she had ever imagined. She looked over at him while he slept, and as she was watching him he slowly opened his eyes. He grinned playfully when he saw her. Cass went to stand, marveling over how.

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