They want to start the new economy-line in three weeks." Well, you've better get the calculations we made, then. Perhaps we'll get busy the next coupl... of weeks." Sure, they are ready. Do you want me to come along?" Certainly. This will be your first try, then. Let's hope Henny taught you properly. You know how I want you to have things ready for me, don't you?" Never fear, Erik. Henny gave me all the information I'll need, so I'll always have things ready for you." And when we come back here,. His cock brushed lightly against the back of my head as he steadied me on the wet tiles and it was all I could do to keep from turning on him and gobbling him up, too. I was frantic with cum hunger. He lay Stevo on his back positioning me on all fours over him. His cock lay heavily against his belly as he reclined on the cool, wet tiles. I literally had to held back. "Relax, Jenkyns," said Masters, kneeling down beside me. He scooped up Stevo's erection with his lips and slipped him skilfully. That’s too much temptation, you know ... I get myself wrapped up in Bill’s arms for a while, then Deena and I cross each other, and while we’re embracing, I think her hand’s ... I hear Bill let out a satisfied sigh ... yeah, I know where her hand is... Dash through the shower in the morning, get dressed, load up our bags and hit the local diner for breakfast, then it’s off to the marina.When we arrive, Carlita and Brindy are hauling things from their SUV, and the Gleason clan is coming up the. I was admiring myself and was knocked on my ass by this guy whowasn't looking where he was going.He helped me to my feet and started brushing me off before he realized hewas patting my ass."I'm so sorry. Are you alright?" he asked.I was about to give him hell when I saw the sexiest grey eyes I had everseen."I am fine but if you will stop patting my ass I will be a bit better," Isaid. He seemed genuinely sorry and a bit embarrassed. He asked if I would likea soda or something to drink. I wasn't.

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