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GC-128 had been tested on animals and it acted like an aphrodisiac on them. The chemical was a sexual aphrodisiac!! "Oh no!!" Scully croaked, "Not aga...n!!"Scully's head grew foggy and she couldn't think clearly. She glanced at Alex who was also feeling the affects of the gas. Alex's eyes were glazed over and she looked dazed and confused. She swayed back and forth where she stood.Scully's nipples were hard and scratched against her shirt. Her vagina became moist and she felt very horny. The gas. Sweat on both of the lovers from the hot sauna made for great lubrication and Aman could more comfortably slip his cock deeper into the anus. Out of arousal, Aman started to speed it up and Dia's soft howls turned into cries. As much as Aman could punish the worn out athlete, he wanted something more intimate. "Turn over puppy," said Aman, slipping his cock out of her anus."Oh god oh," said Dia, turning over and dripping with sweat."Muah," said Aman, getting into a missionary position and. After the movie was over we made our way to bed and I could tell right away she wasn't planning to go to sleep just yet. We started kissing and exploring each others body with our hands and I found she was extremely wet. I said something about having to get all his movies if this is how it made her feel. She smiled and reached into my panties and pulled out my cock and said that I seem just as turned on. I told her that he could be her freebie, meaning if she ever had the opportunity she had my. ”“And the second kiss?” I asked.“That you’ll rock her world if she asks. But only if she asks.”“So?”“So she can’t be like Michelle or Gina,” Jessica said. “Think how hard you work to keep those relationships proper; to the point of not being ‘you’ in either case. And no, I am NOT saying you should be doing something different. You’re learning some important things about yourself and you’ll change because of them. And both Kara and I think that’s a good thing.”I nodded, “So does Doctor.

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