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After a moments hesitation she did just that, slipping the bra off without even needing to remove the shirt.Now as the shirt settled back on her chest...I could see that her nipples were very hard. I joked to her about it and Jason moved to get a good look, asking her if she was cold. She just laughed and shook her head but said nothing. She then pulled me close again for another kiss but while in between my tastes of her tongue she commented how "all of her clothes were uncomfortable after the. ” She turned around to face George. George could only stare at Jan’s twin magnificent orbs. “You don’t mind my bare tits, do you George?” she asked. “I’ll get by,” George managed to reply, as he felt his cock push harder against the two thin layers of sticky wet fabric that confined it. “Would you put my shirt over a chair to dry?” Jan said, as she handed George her wet tea-shirt.“For sure,” George said, as his eyes followed every bounce of her wonderful bare boobs.“Do you like my tits. Rosie eased off the power, allowing BJ a moment’s rest – the cock free-wheeling between her slick lips. Rosie knelt down to lick BJ’s clit, sucking her girl-cum from the cock shaft.Rosie turned up the speed again, keeping a firm grip on BJ’s clit with her teeth. BJ came and came and came – she couldn’t stop her body shaking – juice was erupting down the sides of the dildo – Rosie licked it all up, then offered it back to BJ on her tongue. They kissed and snogged open-mouthed for what seemed. They must have brought seeds from far and wide, because I didn’t see any of these plants growing locally. Sleethe tells me that they’re used to make pigments, dyes that the native people use to stain their skin. I underwent one such ceremony myself just last night, where...”Lena looked down at herself, her cheeks reddening as she realized that she was still nude save for her shorts. She quickly turned the camera off, surprising herself by how comfortable she already felt in her nudity. It had.

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