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Anyway back to the sex story, my uncle just came back from India with his newly wedded wife. We invited them for a dinner, I guess my parents were to make them feel comfortable with the new area and stuff. Back then, I didn’t like Indians, I was into white girls. But man she made me change my perspective about that. She was so beautiful, her eyes were big, the lips were pink, she was pretty fair and at that time she stunned me. We later got close as in our family and them, so we were. He wasted no time in rubbing her clit and dipping his middle finger in and out of her now moistened slit. He was also beginning to get turned on and had pulled his pants down around his ankles so that he could start stroking his cock. Beth looked at me and said" you can jerk off if you want to, hon". I wasn't about to argue and did so immediately.As we were all pleasuring ourselves, we finished disrobing and Ron told me to come over and sit between them on the couch. As soon as I was seated,. I took her left side boob and started sucking it while my hand was working on her right boob. I was sucking the left one and squeezing and pinching her right one. Alisha was going mad.Then I changed my position, sucking the right boob and squeezing the left one. Alisha was so mad that she moaned and moaned and had another orgasm. We lay down, and again I started working on my colleague’s boobs.I put saliva on her nipples and then blew air on them which was making her nipples cold and she. I held her face in my hands gently and just was in heaven as I felt her full silky long hair brush my hands and sometimes my thighs. Kim would wank herself on and off, She stopped wanking and all of a sudden pulled me by mass and forcefully had my cock impale her moist warm mouth so deep that her lips pressed against my balls. Now she wanked herself non-stop. I opened my legs wide to make sure she had room enough to pleasure herself. She tickled the bottom of my cock-head with her tongue as.

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