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"The magic is said to originate from the Norse god Loki, the god of mischief. You must be very precise in your wishes," he warned.But George wasn't pa...ing attention. "How much?"The wizard looked off for a second. "For you, let us say four hundred dollars."George looked up sharply. "Four hundred? That's a bit steep, isn't it?"The magician smiled. "Perhaps, but it is magical."George thought for a second, then dug out his wallet. "You do take plastic, don't you?" Seeing the old man's smile, George. With this sensation my nipples instantly became erect and could easily be seen through my white tank. The driver’s eyes were now fixed on my tits while he strained to keep the car on the road. I finished my beer and announced that I had not expected for Mexico to be so hot. I had no idea if the driver understood English but it did not matter as I casually lifted my shirt over my breasts and freed them from the confines of the tight tank-top. The driver slowed the cab to a slow pace and stared. A sense of urgency rushed through her pussy and to stop her from cumming, he took her hand away from her clit and removed his fingers. The tease continued. Tom looked down at her and smiled and started pressing a finger from his other hand into her ass. She reached back and pulled her cheeks wide apart, making it easier for him to enter her tight asshole. One knuckle, then two had entered her ass. He pushed harder and broke through her muscle ring and his finger was now embedded in her ass all. “At a few parties,” she said. “You know, girls doing naughty things to impress the boys.”“Mmm,” I said, filing that nugget away.She thrust her tongue into my twat, lapping out my brother's cum. I groaned, savoring the delight of feeling her scooping out Clint's jizz. This rush of naughty delight rippled through me. My nipples rubbed into her flat stomach. The girl ate me with delight.I pressed my lips into her shaved twat. My tongue fluttered through her tart pussy. I gathered her cream. I.

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