Jija Ke Ghar 2 (2021) Unrated Xprime Uncut Hindi Short Film

  • 8.17k
  • 18:52
  • 1 year ago

Unhone b ek naughty si smile de di. Phr hum thodi der idar udar ki baatein kiye aur maine pucha ki aapke husband kya kaam karte hain to unhone bataya ...i wo ek company me assistant manager hai aur raat ko roz der hojati hai aane me. Phr maine jaanbuj kar unke bare me pucha ki aap kya karti hain ? Wo thoda frank hogyi aur naughty si smile dekar kehne lagi ki aap to aise puch rahe hain jaise jaante hi nahi ho.. Toh mai shock hogya aur sochne laga ki kya bolun, itne me unhone kaha , kis soch me. Then she pressed her lips to mine, I felt her tongue as it began to push on my closed lips. Opening my mouth slightly I felt her tongue slip in dancing with mine. Again I felt a huge shock flow through me. Her eyes flew wide as I knew she was feeling it also.I felt a presence behind us as I heard my mother clear her throat. “So ... this is the young woman mage who has captured the heart of my son.” We broke apart but I swore it took supreme effort on both our parts. “You must be Naci, the one. My hard on presses against your mound. I wonder idly, has anyone ever had the joy of penetrating that glorious ass? Have you ever tasted the different pleasure? Not today. We have the less exotic pleasures to explore. I continue to knead your wonderful, generous buns. Then I move them away to slip down your panties, which also fall around your ankles. As I slide them down, I notice moisture on your bush, and I reach my hand down between your legs and your cunt is dripping. My chest tightens and. Almost forgot that darkness/dawn/sunrise metaphor, didn’t you?No, I didn’t. In fact, I was just thinking that while my life would NOT be incomplete if I don’t ever become a husband, I certainly wouldn’t mind if I do. Dawn has long insisted that we’re better as best friends. Maybe she’s right, but maybe she’s wrong. And if I move to Berkeley, if I put myself in a place where I can see her every day and not just occasionally on the weekends, who knows what the future might bring?Indeed.I smiled.

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