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Flipping it so the camera was on, I tried to frame the shot perfectly. I hoped I captured it. With a smile, I put his phone back where I found it.I qu...etly slipped into the bathroom and then went back to the living room. Diana and Leia had moved around a bit, but I managed to lie down between them again. I reached my arms out and gathered them back to me, my arms over their shoulders, their backs along my side, my hands resting on their bellies. They mumbled a bit but stayed asleep. All sorts. An actor she has been fan-girling over for years, she didn't know he was going to be in the movie so when she saw him on the ranch she nearly fainted with exitcement, though when she actually met him she grew so shy, she could barely look him in the eye and every time he said something nice to her she'd blush with embarrassment. Luckily there was one thing that could take her mind off how amazing this guy is, her passion, the horses. As soon as she started telling him about how to work with the. Afterwards the boys mocked him. They gave him a lace trimmed apron to wear. On it Spike had written, "Pigs Fuck Me". He and Patrick thought it very funny.After the post-supper "entertainment" the women prisoners were usually taken upstairs to the room with the big brass bed. Here they would be secured and left alone until one, or both, of the boys wanted to have "fun". Ma usually led Mark in to watch, knowing how horny it made him. On the night he wore his apron for the first time, the boy's. Her legs were spread lewdly, the room itself smelled like pure sex and alcohol, and to top it off, she was covered in cum. Drenched, in fact. On a closer look it wasn't just cum though, it was alcohol and sweat too, her face was caked in it, as were her thighs and her cunt. Usually beautiful and glossy, her dark black hair was now matted against her skull in thick clumps, hardened in places from where guys had aimed there cocks and their subsequent streams of semen. That isn't to say that those.

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