I would use a roll of tissue paper around her wrists and ankles followed by rope and duct tape this would insure that their was no way she could get l...ose, not that she ever tried. She was now completely naked except for stockings and the garter belt, and was tied standing up with her arms and legs spread just about as far as they could be, many times I would ask her to spread them just a little more or get up on her tip toes,and then I would tie them when she was really stretched out the more. Seeing her fat juicy ass in the air like it was I got behind her and I started to eat her tasty cunt and giving her pussy a wet tonguefucking as I fingered her. It did not take long for her to reach the peak and have a nice little orgasm. After I felt her ride the wave down I pulled my tongue away from her and leaving my finger in her cunt I started to lick her asshole getting it all wet and ready to push my tongue into it. As I was fucking her in the ass with my tongue I heard let out a loud. You’re prone to making bad decisions, eh?”Alexis cocks her head back, looking right at Dennis... “Not THAT bad!” She laughs. Then looks down at Casanova... “Just THAT bad... !”We cut to a shot of Dennis and Casanova exchanging lascivious looks. The prospect of Doberman on paramedic action is upon us. Casanova is so excited that he spins toward the camera, lurches in our direction and bark/snaps at us – and we use his snap as our moment to cut to:Alexis, cool as a cucumber, stripped down to her. He pulled out his cell phone, he had a phone call he was expecting. He sat his phone down and went to the kitchen after noticing it was 9:30 in the morning, and started to make breakfast. He decided on eggs and toast for himself and a meal of toast for Mandy. Once he had everything made he walked back to the guest room and gently woke little Sarah up. "Sarah, baby girl, wake up." He cooed softly as he gently rubbed Sarah's shoulder.Mark smiled as Sarah's beautiful blue orbs shining brightly..

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