Double anal pleasure (ts)

I had a pretty good buzz going and was actually wanting to head back to our room, our flight didn't leave until 7 the next night and wanted to try in another ride down the Coast to cocoa beach in the morning, before I could ask her if she was ready to go, Kevin insisted on buying us a round of drinks, he said his friends bailed on him, he was having one more and headed back to his room too.I was pretty well hammered at this point , as was Dawn, but we took him up on the drinks, I was. I’m sure Francis was loving the kissing and exploring Sue’s body as her hands caressed his body. But Francis wanted something more now and he broke their kiss and for the first time, Sue and I saw him became assertive.“Get that mouth where it belongs, woman!” he growled.Sue grinned, “Mmmm, how masterful. Your wish is my command,” as she kissed her way down his dark body until her lips were once again wrapped around his thick cock as she went to work.Sue knew that she’d teased Francis as much as. Now I am. So there's nolonger anything to stop us from being together for the rest of ourlives." Is she forcing you to do this? Are you stealing my body, my life,because she made you?" No, this is my decision and my responsibility. I'm sorry, but I had todo this. Goodbye, David."And then they were gone, the apartment door clicking softly behind themas they left. I was alone.I went into my bedroom, and opened my wardrobe. Inside, male clothinghung alongside female. David had moved a lot of his. Nonetheless, in Bambi's perfect littletown of Wellborn , an individual like that was almost as rare as an individualwho would ever admit being like that. Well, that is until Victoria Marsh cameto town. Victoria Marsh was a fashion model at the tail end of a stellar career whenshe and John Ardsley began to date each other. It was only two years ago butgained momentum quickly. The waning limelight and media interest in the onetime major celebrity spared Bambi the embarrassment of her dad.

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