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I watched her squirm and tap her fingers against her wine glass as she looked at her watch for the next thirty minutes. The expression on her face gr...w increasingly solemn.Another fifteen minutes went by and Veronica reached for her purse and looked if she was getting ready to get up and leave. This was my moment to make my move. I walked over to her and asked her if I could buy her a drink. Normally I would have never approached a good looking woman in a bar like this, but I knew Veronica. The house was a five-bedroom, four-bath with a huge garage and basement with several garages for my cars and motorcycles. One was set up as a workshop for computers and an electronic game room and I spent most of my time there as it had a kitchen and set up as an apartment. The compound was fenced off with an eight-foot cement wall and an electronically controlled gate surrounding the five acres.The next day I got a call that she was at the airport and needed a ride so I jumped in the 1970 Ford. “You’re a hot little bitch today, aren’t you?” Quickly your hands pulled open the button and yanked down the zipper of my jeans before you ripped them down over my ass, leaving me bare and open to you. After grabbing a fistful of my hair with one hand I felt you jerk my head back as your other hand quickly parted my pussy lips, letting my wetness spread, sliding out of my hot hole. For just a second I could feel the cool air washing over my wet slit before the tip of your hard shaft nosed. She gave me a small laugh and continued; "You didn't ask me for a date so this is or what. Before we can have a date you have to ask me. Unless, that is, you are one of those insecure men that don't ask a woman they are interested in for a date, because they are afraid she will say no. I don't really think you are insecure so I have to wonder, are you interested in me?"How did this all come back to me? "Uh, yeah, sure. I can definitely say I am interested in you. Hey, how would you like to go.

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