There was a sharp clacking sound to her right as Gregor loosed a crossbow bolt, then he cursed in the stormborn language. Shavala opened her eyes to s...e the bolt sticking out of a red-eye’s back. It had gone through the armor but only penetrated an inch or two into the man’s body. The red-eye moved stiffly, but still stood, ignoring the injury.“The legs,” Shavala said, “but be careful.” The crossbow was strong enough to break through a man’s skull, but she wasn’t sure if Gregor was good enough. How the hell does Sara not have you do this every day?!?" I had my mouth full at the time, so I couldn't really answer. The fact that she was still wearing her dress while sitting on my face made it even hotter, so I was a little disappointed when she reached down and pulled her dress off over her head.As I continued to eat her pussy, I took my hands off her thighs, unbuckled my belt, and pulled off my jeans off. She looked over her shoulder and said, "ah, you know what I want." She spun. "He was back the next night. This time he asked her to have coffee with him after the bar closed. They had coffee. Then they went to his motel room. The photographer was far from the best fuck she'd ever had. In fact she'd had to keep working at his prick just to keep it hard. He had been good with his mouth though."Mmmmmmm, I want to get my lips on all that luscious pussy!" he had gasped as he buried his head between her thighs. She leaped at the way he went after her cunt, kissing and sucking. “Come on, Steven.” It was Betty’s voice over my shoulder. “The lady wants you to lick her.”I took up the pussylicker’s stance, on my knees with my arms entwined around her thighs and I pulled Mo towards me, unnecessarily but demandingly. I got my face into her ginger bush and licked her warm, expectant vagina. Betty had settled herself in the armchair alongside and was watching intently as I administered cunnilingus to her friend. Mo was stroking my head and making soft moaning sounds.I,.

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