Bitch fucked hard by brother-in-law

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Nervously, she flicked out her tongue and tasted the sticky liquid oozing from his cock. It was sweet and salty. It left a coating on her lips, like t...eacle would, so that she could still taste it long after she’d swallowed. Luke gasped. ‘Ohhh…that’s it baby…Suck my cock…You’re such a fucking tease Lena…’ He told her, getting more intense by the second. ‘Oh fuck yeah…’ he moaned huskily. Lena’s mouth fell open at being called a tease and before she knew what was happening, Luke had jerked his. I scream my lungs out, clinging to him, senses filled with the scent of his skin, with the soft noise of his breathing and the fast beat of his heart through the thin warm cotton of his shirt. He rests his hand on my head, pressing lightly as we rise over the next twisting section. My own hand and eyes on his thighs, hypnotised by the bulge in his shorts. The track twists and turns throwing us in all directions as I snuggle against him, my fingers itching to explore. His arms hold me lightly. I have to admit you look pretty good naked too. I have even noticed when you change the shape sometimes, but I like it the way it is at the moment.Thank you – imitation is the nicest form of flattery.I only hope I can emulate what you and Mike do together when he is with me – I have never seen people enjoy sex as much as you two.How much have you seen.Not much – a bit of porn but that’s all - sex studs. I guess most of the women are whores. They don’t seem to stop at anything. Occasionally I. "Oh God," Janice moaned as she stared at the red light as if that would make it change quicker. However, it was a long light, lasting several minutes. Within a few seconds, Janice was breathing heavily and she could feel her panties getting soaked. Her buttocks began to lift subtly off the seat. "Tim," Janice moaned, clenching her fists.Tim watched his wife with a big smile on his face. His only concern was that she would climax before he was ready. He didn't want that to happen. It was his.

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