Well, tonight I would get to see my friends, except they really weren't friends. They were people who thought highly of me in a competitive environmen... where it was advantageous of them to do so, people who would follow my lead. They would fawn over me to curry favor.But would they offer if I needed a kidney? Well, maybe that's setting the bar a little too high for friendship.I realized I had only one friend - Jeff. For that matter, if I really needed help, I could probably count on Sunny more. Orthe rest of the changes he had gone through over the past day or so.Very conscious of the weight of the hair on his shoulders and the wayit felt whenever he moved his head, Dan gathered his nerves and lefthis room. The few people still in the halls, all women, were toointent on getting themselves to the gathering Constance and Agathahad told him about to notice a halfway feminine male with thick,glossy dark hair reaching past his shoulders. Still, none of themhad seen him earlier and he was. I became lost in my math class, with all ofits projections, predictions and absolute values. I was so absorbed, Idid not hear my wife's car pull into the driveway, or her opening thedoor and calling out to me. I was snapped from my trance by hearing my wife yell "who the fuck areyou bitch!"I raised my head and I felt my mouth make a little "o". My wife thenrealized who I was and said "Jack, is that you?"I could only bow my head.......I was caught. My wife just stood there and stared, her mouth. "Realizing that his drink was still almost untouched, Bill took a swallow. "We've been, uh Linda, Kathy and I, have been with the Henson's for the last several hours — singing," he laughed. "Well they were. I was doing my usual imitation of a bullfrog. But seriously, Linda had a ball. And Dave gave her a guitar — an expensive guitar — and is teaching her to play. My daughter was acting like her old self, and well, she seems taken with both Dave and Evie. And, I guess, them with her."Sighing a.

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Satin Saree Aunty

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