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“Tell Amber what I call you, Jenny.”I was silent for a moment, my eyes going from the girl on the screen to Violet, knowing I probably looked like...a deer caught in headlights as she lifted one perfect eyebrow at me. Taking a deep breath, I tore my gaze away and focused on her friend and swallowed nervously. My mouth suddenly felt dry.“Her dirty girl,” I whispered.“Speak up,” she commanded.“Her dirty girl,” I repeated obediently, this time I little louder.“Oh.” Amber laughed, shaking her head a. She's got her hair back in a tiny ponytail and she's still wearing her glasses. She's a petite girl with a firm little body and a beautiful face, and overall very delicate, feminine features. Right now, she's on her knees in front of you, worshipping your large, masculine body. She's always submissive to you, and she's basically your slave. She works all day at a chemical lab in the city - she's got a PhD and is on the cutting edge of her field. At night she does whatever you tell her to - you. I just can’t believe she is watching me the way I usually watch her. I hurry and finish my stretches without looking at her, but at the same time hoping she is still watching. As I grab the edge of the pool and arch my back to stretch I can feel a blush creeping over my chest. I have got to start swimming and cool off. I listen to music as I swim and my mp3 player just seemed to have turned against me today. Every song that came on just turned me on more and more. Catching sight of her tracking. We were taking on some guys from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Would you believe how stunned those Ivy League swimmers were that they got their butt kicked by a bunch of Black and Hispanic guys? Yeah, I guess overconfidence did them in. I was basking in the adulation of the crowd and the media’s flashing lights along with my teammates when Nikki made her way toward us. The first time I saw that woman, I knew I had to have her. I’m serious. I almost got an erection the first time I.

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