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....i start to lick and suck and my tongue finds Your clit. Licking and sucking and kissing slowly and gently at first but gradually becoming harder a...d faster i hear you softly moan as You move towards a climax. You lift your pussy off the bed as it nears, gripping my head between Your thighs as You cum, shuddering and moaning. You allow me to move up the bed to hold You as the climax passes...............You tell me to help You dress and then order me to get dressed, which i find. By cons I've seen some decline to men too well endowed .. at least refuse sodomy, for example.So while wedged between the buttocks of Michelle besognais I, I must say strongly enough. Very excited .. by all that stuff .. It curbed my enthusiasm .. nicely .. "Not so fast, it continues to time but it's good" After a time we reversed the positions, making me suck with delight. Michelle then made me lie on your back .. came riding me. She slowly impaled, while Marc was coming .. she pinned against. Noticeing the turn of events i decided this was my moment to break her."wow you really are a child. looks like im going to have to treat you like one."i walked over and pulled her over my lap and said" if you cant even respect someone who gave you clothes after you ruined your own, then you must be punished." wait! i didnt mean it, i feel really sick" she said"i dont belive you!" i yelled back. i reached into my bag and pulled out a pair of used panties and shoved them in her mouth and put a. “If you still want to cum you can come in but there is a price to pay for your tardiness.” She looks at me expectantly and I nod in understanding, my mouth dry, my voice a whisper that I don’t trust. She stands back from the door and I step into her loft. We’re on a landing with stairs leading down into the living space. “Stop there,” she commands and I halt, my breathing as tight as my knotted stomach. “Strip!” That one single word stops my thoughts, I was expecting a nightcap, a cuddle.

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