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This happened in the cold Saturday night in December, like always I work hard on the weekends and party even more harder on the weekdays.Like most of ...he weekend i was just outside one of the most Famous Disc Outside Bandra parked my car and was waiting for my friends to arrive, in the mean while there was Cool Cab that stopped right in front of me and there was no one that came off that car, all of a sudden there was this Lady who came out in the Cold wearing a Short Black dress till her. "Come on in. Those guides are already way the fuck ahead of us."Inside the building, the corridors provided welcome cooler shade, with natural light seeping through overhead slits cut into the ceiling and a sparse setting of torches providing further illumination. The guides stepped quietly in their padded shoes, refusing to slow down or turn to offer help. Boadie and Johnny quickened their pace to catch up. They were almost out of sight when Scott entered the structure.The natural light glowed. . very wet …. Gawd she’s juicy. She hugs my cock like I was made to fit in her. You sure she isn’t for sale? Name your price.” It finally hit me I was a slave, a real slave I could be sold. Silently, tears bubbled out of my eyes and ran down puddling in my hair. With sad, beseeching eyes I looked at my Master. I, finally, accepted my fate. He looked at me and blew me a kiss mouthing ‘good slut.’ I could feel my lip quiver. Try as I might I could feel twinges as my body responded to my brutal. . Too long."Quite very much still stunned, he led me down the hallway, and opened his door. I was finally inside of the room where I've wanted to end up for so long. That goddess, soon to be mine aswell, was still strapped into her little chair, looking up at me expectantly. I was hard but embarassed under her stare.The husband smiled. "Look what I brought for you my love, another toy. This one's been rubbing off to your pretty little body in the next room for a while. I invited him to help me.

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