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Mizz Patel, we’ll ask you to sort of make the first contact for us, but you know that if YOU buy in, we’re buying in.”“I surmised that such wo...ld be the case,” Mizz Aneeta stated. “However, I did not want to assume. We shall proceed.”When the meeting broke up, I imagined that a few side conversations would serve to clarify what we were undertaking. Naturally I had one with Nikki while Dan slipped back to his office.“Mizz Aneeta’s right, you know,” she said.“I know. I don’t want us to rush in. She held me down her throat until she needed a breath and then pulled me out, gagging and choking a bit. She took another deep breath then swallowed me back down her throat again. She held me there a few seconds longer this time and then pulled me back out. She looked up at me smiling. "How's that for a whore blowjob, baby?" she asked."That was incredible! Where did you learn to do that? You were like... like a pornstar!" I said.Tiffany giggled, "Aww, thank you! I told you I wasn't the 'good. I don’t think I ever worked as hard as I did when we went about cleanin’ up that station. But two weeks later, when we were done, it was somethin’ to behold. It looked brand new and the special floor that we put in the shop was amazing. You could clean it with a damp cloth. Jurgen had figured out how to make it so it wasn’t slippery and Rod had him show us how. That was when I figured the boss was one smart guy. He listened to other people. He didn’t pretend he knew everything. That last Friday. You also forgot the drink.”Constance giggled. “Oh, you are supposed to go back downstairs for that. I just wanted to hand the steak to you here since you won’t allow me to atone.”“Ah, well then, let’s get to the gravity elevator. I’m feeling a bit hungry and if I recall correctly, I have a training session with my whole crew in about two hours,” I said.“Two hours ten minutes,” the AI replied. “The bridge simulation chamber is ready for use. The others require another twelve hours before they.

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