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The girls in the class snicker at you but the boys were too entranced with their well endowed teacher to notice. "Welcome to Dark Deeds 101. Where you...ll learn everything that makes a Demons life any fun, first we'll start with what a Dark Deed is in the first place." A fanged tooth bites ever so sensuously across her plump lips at the mere thought of the term. "A Dark Deed is what the name obviously implies, but we are Demons! Not some lowly peasant slimes, skeletons, or filthy fucking humans.. She welcomed it, and in another sense was afraid of it, for she could feel her own level of arousal and sexual excitement, and it was in a place so high she wondered if she'd ever felt it like that with Andrew. How did the little mynx -know-?!Her orgasm was going to be a killer, and the anticipation and deep sexual pleasure already overwhelming her hinted that it was going to be unlike anything she had ever experienced. The delicious... wrongness of it all, the beautiful crimson lipped vulva. Monday morning before anyone else was awake, Ashley had gotten out of Dave’s bed, taken a shower and dried her hair, dressed, and then taken a sedan car to the airport to take a seven-a.m. flight to Nashville. Dave never heard what her plans were for the weeks to come, but he knew she was constantly busy and that Nashville was rapidly becoming her second home if not her first.As Dave was shaving, Alice came into the bathroom wearing nothing but her cheerful morning smile. He paused to watch her. ..please.” she moved to her back and curved a naughty finger in a “come hither” motion. He kissed her legs and up here thighs; wanting and needing each soft touch of her skin. He paused at her pussy and took a few long soft strokes to heighten her pleasure. She smiled and squirmed beneath his touch. “More....” she pleaded, as he went to release her. “Where are your manners, Love?” he grinned.“Please....” she whispered.“Good girl.” he whispered back. He leaned in for more licks of her slick.

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