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"Hey, tiger," she responded happily. Connie liked to flirt and she took every opportunity. "What's up?" she asked."Not much," I said. "I was just wond...ring if you and Tom have any plans for Friday night... tomorrow evening. I was thinking the four of us might get together for dinner and some cards." Hmmmmmm," she said in her mock-seductive voice, "I'll have to check my busy calendar, big boy." There was a momentary pause but not one long enough for her to actually be checking anything."No.... He often brings his own because the school lunches are usually foods he doesn’t like eating. Some of his school friends ask him to collect his school lunch so they can have something extra to eat from his school provided lunch. David does this for them because he knows they’re often on limited food at home due to their family’s poor economic situation.Like any school student David finds some classes interesting while some classes are a lot less interesting, but he does well in all of his tests. She would be best to help figure out something suitable for your daughter who is of the same age.” Shifting the responsibility is the obligation of a good Master. Making her teacher pay for it later, by Cat’s brief accusatory LooK, was a student’s obligation.“Miss Larkin?” The Colonel hesitated.“It’s fine. Since Master left it up to me, I’ll make sure that Sonya is happy, even if it costs the Old Goat.” No, Catherine was not pleased with me interrupting her vacation, even if it were only for a. Staring down as her creamy white ass, I couldn't keep myself from caressing it. A soft moan escaped her lips. "Mom, this is for the fight you had with Dad on the day he died," I said with a trembling voice. With that, I raised my right hand and brought it down on her ass. SMACK. An impressive hand print appeared on her right cheek. I landed a matching swat on the left cheek, and another red patch became visible. Suddenly, I was spanking my mother quick and hard. Ten swats on one cheek,.

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