.." She pulls in a huge lung full of air, and tries to slow her breathing down to something normal. "Hold on a second."Gavin! Oh my god, Gavin! It's t...ying to kill him too!She wants to run, to throw herself through her bedroom window, slide down the roof, vault into the back yard, and get to him as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, Gavin never told her his address, and her chances of being able to find him quickly, or at all for that matter, are probably zero. Still there has to be a way to. I'd seen absolutely no loss of love or affection and that prompted another thought. How many times had I followed Andy into Jean? How many times had she given me sloppy seconds? How many times had she kissed me with the taste of Andy's cock still in her mouth?Was I going to be able to have sex (not make love) with her knowing what I now knew? I was going to have to if I didn't want her to start thinking that I might know something. I needed everything to appear normal until I got the. "You cock-sucking motherfucker!" One thing for sure, this demure, little broad had a mouth on her.After a minute of struggle, Sherry finally went limp in David's arms. He dragged her over to the couch and set her down gently. Exhausted, Sherry wilted and draped her arm over her eyes. This gave me a second to examine her. She was a handsome woman, about forty-five, with shoulder-length chestnut hair and a tight body. Her legs were tanned and muscular and her ample tits filled her sun dress. Because we do seem to be having a problem with attrition in our military due to the fact that we haven't figured out how to cause major casualties to the Sa'arm without causing major environmental damage that causes the world to be useless to us. Really I should say that the Sa'arm create a situation where the world they occupy becomes a dead zone.Other people can attempt to say that the loss of the world or the destruction of the biodiversity that a world represents is the reason we must stop.

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