Kim’s legs started to give out and Natalie popped out of her mouth. Kim didn’t even notice as she began to cum for Em and fell to the couch. Em sl...mped down against her, suckling at her breasts.Natalie began rubbing Em’s ass and then her pussy as she slowly opened up her legs. She began to rub her cock against Em’s wet, needy hole.“Oh Em, are you ready for a big cock like that?” Kim asked half jokingly, knowing that Em only liked specific cocks in specific ways. Em nodded her head desperately. Thomas sent a text to his mother and looked at the clothes Sera had left for him. The trousers weren't too loose, but they sat low on his hips, he felt odd without boxers, having not gone without since that fateful day when Sera has found him in the Grange. The boots, black also, were a fairly good fit. Thomas sighed when he saw the full sleeved black dress shirt and the blood red waistcoat. He put them on, feeling rather out of place as he surveyed himself in the mirror. He combed his hair,. He could send anyone to do his bidding, but he wants to come himself and throw his weight around, impress and manipulate you. He probably thinks that by being here in person he can save ten times what it will cost him to come here. This is something Japanese men do. He will come, boast, do business, and leave. He has many irons in the fire, and as long as the company here is well run, he will not think of it again." How can I run the company well if he can't know I'm a woman?" moaned Megan."He. A lot of them already in sexual positions. I looked up and saw a 'Very overweight Girl' sitting by herself watching everyone. I asked a few of my friends if they recognized her, no one seemed to know anything about her. She kept starring at me and it begin to bother me. Why was she watching me?One of my friends said, "Hey Major Mike, referring to my costume, why don't you go and say hi to fat girl over there. Give her a glory fuck." then he laughed. "She might like a man in uniform."She was.

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