.When he came to rational thought again, the memory of fire lingered in his abdomen, his tights and panties were tangled around his ankles, and he was...staring at the Holy of Holies, a FEMALE PUSSY, only a few inches away. There were lipstick smears on the labia (Biology had been boring when they were slicing and dicing frogs, but the Human Reproduction classes had been *very* well attended, and he had earned his only A grade of the course after endless poring over the diagrams in the textbooks,. The red tank top was gone as well, replaced by a blue denim jacket, left undone, and a red lace bra underneath, fully exposed for all to see. His jaw dropped as he stared at the dark-haired beauty. His cock seemed to spring back to life without any prompting. He felt his breathing change and a dryness filled his mouth. "Oh...yeah…thanks Lana," he half stuttered. His eyes never left her chest as Lana lent forward to take the plate. The denim jacket fell open and her small firm breasts were. Now if I were to compare the two of them I would say my wife is hot, but I've always enjoyed viewing Kelly in her bathing suits at our get-togethers at the lake or at the pool. Her body was made for skimpy bathing suits with little strings. Her tanned skin was a good background for the hot pinks and whites she wore. She worked hard to keep her body in shape and was quite proud of it when summer came.Kelly was wearing a lacy white satin low-cut bra that fabulously showcased her wonderful tits,. He brought his foot back up and started teasing all around the one place she so desperately needed it to go. He had always known just how to touch her, and what to say, to make her crazy. This had infuriated her also, that he could hold such an erotic spell over her. Not that she couldn’t and didn't return the favor in kind, but still, the mutual obsession, the utter loss of control, the complete abandon, had been disorienting, even frightening. And now...“You’re a naughty little girl,.

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