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I want a woman companion to share my bed and household, and to be someone who can understand and allow my desires for more than monogamous sex. This m...y be difficult, because it might mean that besides being my close companion and helpmate, she might also need to at least tolerate, and preferably join in swinging, bisexual orgies, and watching men having oral sex with each other.I really doubt that I would ever meet such a woman, but it is still a dream. However much it might be desirable to be. We will begin.” And she moved off of me and stood up. She turned the lights on – she always left the lights off for sex, but apparently she wanted us both to see this! – and looked me in the eye as she removed her shirt. Her wonderful, large breasts were exposed in all their glory. She then reached down to her shorts and hooked her fingers around the elastic band. My eyes followed her hands and saw the bulge. I watched as she slowly slid her shorts down her long, slender legs and the dildo came. His cock falls out from the hole in his boxers. It is a sight Rory has seen many times. He is fairly large like her brother, not overly big and certainly not small either. He pulls his boxers down and discards his shoes and socks before walking the rest of the way toward her, naked from the waist down. He goes straight for her, lifting Rory up to him, pressing her to his hard, muscular chest. His hands go around her back. He reaches down and kisses her. Felix is aggressive with his tongue, more. Thanks John. I was sure you would understand."When I hung up the phone, I had a big grin on my face. Sharon noticed it, said nothing, and smiled back."I think you should take my car and drive over to see your aunt Candice. Your mother seems to have had an accident with the Mustang, and she does not want to talk to me right now. You could offer to help, and quietly stick your nose into things. I would love to know what happened, but I can't ask. Maybe you will get lucky. Just a suggestion, in.

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