Desi Couple Romance and Fucked 2 Clips Part 1

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Please don’t take this personally, but ... well, things have changed for us, too. Look, we’ve tried to be polyamorous, and well, it works for me, ...ut it doesn’t work for Jan. It just doesn’t. Rick can stomach it, as you noted, because his monogamy was nurture, not nature, at work. It was his upbringing at fault, if you will. I hope that you find the best arrangement for you guys, amid all of us, and I honestly want you to be happy, okay, but this is done. You ... me ... all of us. We can’t go. I can't remember her name, but she was a reasonably attractive woman in her late 30s to mid 40s (to me, at 23, she seemed really old), who wanted to join her husband in Anchorage and was willing to pay her own travel expenses plus $200 to me for gas money. That seemed fair, so on the appointed day I drove to Livingston and picked her up. Then we bravely headed north.We crossed the border into Canada at Sweetgrass, MT, and drove through Lethbridge, Calgary and Edmonton, turning west to Grand. Master Kano, Director of Aviation, wedges gashes of skin on my butt cheeks between his fingers and pinches hard, digging his fingertips into the tissue, twisting the flesh, gouging lumps of skin, leaving swatches of bright red mixed with tiny bruises. Slapping my ass, he places his beverage preference.Duke Alberto, Director of Financial Services, bends me over the table and bites my buttocks, sinking his teeth deep into my flesh. Jumping to move away, he holds my hips rigid and continues to. Cecily reminded me that Barb would post the video of me online if I wasn’t good.At this I blushed I didn’t think anyone else knew.Shelly left the room and came back with two square hairbrushes and what looked like a cock chastity belt. It was made of plastic and when put on Joey I bent his erect penis into a painful looking position. Joey moaned at the pain but to me it sounded like he enjoyed this.The twins took a brush each and begun spanking us hard with the back of the brushes.They weren’t.

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