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She'd handled the scene downstairs well, although Tina could tell that she'd been terribly turned on when she'd realized what was going on with Jane. ...f course, considering some of the other things that went on around here, that little scene was nothing. Still, what went on here wasn't normal by any stretch of the imagination.Yesterday had been very difficult for Cindy. The emotional storm she'd ridden had been tough, and yet today she seemed fine. That was good. Tina had been so worried. You overlooked Christine at your peril. Francine noticed me stopping. Seeing me stare at Christine, she laughed. ‘You think this is bad, you should see Pedro when he dresses as Patricia. Not only is he convincing as hell, he looks almost as good as Angela.’ That was surprisingly easy to picture. Pedro de la Garza had fine features and long Latin black hair. Put him in heels and a dress, it would work. The hard part was the casual way Francine tossed off Angela Molinari’s name. Predictably,. He never said anything off color or made a gesture that frightened me, just small intimate stuff. Even as concerned as I was, it got to the point where I'm not too sure I wasn't starting to enjoy his attention.I moved down off the stool but the gently touching resumed. It was around the waist at first, just rubbing the lower part of my back, sliding his hand down on my hips some, back up the full length of my back, and so on. It actually felt good, but I was really starting to wonder where this. I awoke with a start hours later. Light filtered into the bedroom around my blackout curtains. My bedside clock said ten o’clock. I padded to the bathroom, bushed my teeth and hair, and put a robe on. I headed for the kitchen where I could hear whispers.Ashley announced, “He’s awake. He walks. He sees.” She came and plastered her small body against me in a huge hug. She looked up and kissed me. I kissed back. She said, “I love you.” She was wearing the t-shirt I’d given her the night before and.

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