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He laughed as she wiggled around underneath him. He could feel himself getting hard as she pushed up against the front of his pants."You keep that up ...ngel eyes and I'm going to forget being a gentlemen and making love to you right here. I'm not going to care if anyone hears us or sees us. I want you so much." Wayne said as he began to caress her sides instead of tickle them."I want you too Wayne. I don't want to wait. Please?" Christa said as she pulled her sweatshirt off. There was passion in. She was now in her pink bra and in jeans. I started kissing her on her neck cheeks, shoulder and to make her more excited I kissed on her ear lobe. She was enjoying it a lot and she moaned in excitement, I opened her jeans as I wanted to see her in her inner wears. She lifted her legs to remove her jeans. Ohh dear was stunned, she was looking sex goddess a figure of Anushka Sharma in pink bra and a matching panty. I was able to spot her wetness on her panty.Now she caught my t-shirt and in. Welcome.”Kara’s dinner was a wonderful success followed by a huge bonfire out back. After a couple of hours, the group feasted on her clootie dumpling and brandy custard. All too soon the moon began to show its face through the clouds and it was time for Kara’s parents to return home. They left with a promise of returning for Hogmanay (New Year’s Eve), the next weekend.Duncan had already retreated to his room to play his new PS3 games as Scott and Kara stood in the doorway, waving to her. ‘Soooooooooo Brandon you’re late.’ ‘Yeah I’m’… I was cut off with her finger to my lips and her shhhhhing me ever so seductively. It was at this very moment that I noticed an upgrade to her living room. To my surprise a stripper pole had been installed. She pushed me down on to the sofa as she grasped the pole. (Intriguing)I thought to myself. I watched in astonishment as she performed a host of different acrobatic tricks to the R&B music playing in the back. With all the events of the day.

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