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. I'm the out fielder and this is my position", he stammered."I'm Alice", she smiling introduced herself. He didn't get a chance to reply when the ech... of a bat hitting a ball and a shout from across the field made him jump, for his attention was focused on two barely covered tits. "Jackson what the fuck do you think you are doing, you could have caught that"."Sorry!" he shouted back as he retrieved the ball and threw it back to the bowler."I think I made you miss that catch", she said as he. I did as she commanded and gently removed each pink slipper, kissed it on the bottom, and crawled over to the closet to place them where she wished. I then crawled back to her and knelt gazing at her grimy bare feet. I thought they were beautiful. I noticed that she was wearing a gold ring on the middle toe of her right foot and a silver ring on the middle toe of her left foot. The rings made her feet look even more enchanting and, somehow, mysterious. I was madly in love with my cousin’s. I put my arm around her and pulled her even closer, the feel of her tight young body under the soft material of her nightdress just increased the blood flow to my cock, which was now huge. It was partially covered by my dressing gown and I was in two minds as to whether to let it fall completely open, letting her see my huge throbbing cock, the thought of which hastened my excitement. Instead of this, I moved it a little so most of my cock was visible and said “I apologise for that Abbey, I. He then took me to this another room. It was normally furnished. He threw me on the bed and gave me a box from one of the closets. He said go and wear this. I went to the washroom and opened the box. To my surprise, it was a French maid costume with a corset, garters, rabbit ears. I wore all of them, applied the makeup it had and went outside. I literally saw Rohan’s dick rising. I stroked it as I went near him and we kissed for five minutes. He then gave me a covered tray and asked me to.

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