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It was going to happen sometime in the next two months, so it happening after the party was actually as good a time as any. From her perspective, the ...est time.”“What happened at this ‘out of this world’ party?”“Overall? I have no idea. I was in the guest bedroom with Joyce the entire time.”“Oh? So what was over the top? She sucked you?”“No. She demanded that I, and I quote, ‘Fuck her every which way’, followed by me doing so.”“What?! Joyce?! Wow! And?”“That was mild compared to her final. ”“You better have a good cover story in place,” Jan said. “The truth will hardly do.”Ellen’s neurologist walked into the hospital room. This time he didn’t even blink at the four of them hovering over Ellen’s bed. Jan pulled back, stretched, and rose to meet the doctor.“Would you like to step out and discuss Ellen’s condition, Mrs. Harrison?”“No, it’s better for everybody to hear what you’ve found, Dr. Mitchell.”“Very well. We find Ellen’s case very atypical. Inexplicable even. I’ve consulted. I tenderly washed his cock and balls and then wrapped my hand around his shaft gently masturbating him. He was fit and ready. His pretty dick became splendidly erect. I sloshed the flannel in the water again and extended my arm out between his legs and began to wash his buttocks.“Oh…” He murmured surprised.“Turn around Tom.”I instructed calmly but with authority. The young man dutifully rotated on the spot and presented his beautiful bottom to my enlarged glory hole. I washed him between his. Molly was barely a third of the way in, steadily pumping her meat in and out. Her balls sloshed and shook with every thrust, slapping her thighs with metronome-like regularly. ‘I’m going to cum!’ Jang’s commentary was rubbing off on Molly. ‘You want that don’t you? Do you want a thick layer of my girl cum?’ Stana, clearly experiencing a tidal wave of orgasmic haze, was only able to nod. That was all Molly needed. She pushed herself in as far as she could and released. Her mammoth balls pulled.

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