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Uhhhh aisi awazon se poora bedroom goonjh raha thaa..Kareeeb 20 minute baad usko teen baar jhada kar main jhad gaya aur uski chut mein pichkari chodne...lagaRuksana : Haye ! Hariiiiissshhhh….tere garam paani ne to chut ko zannat de daali.Phir kareeb dus minute baad Vinay ne bhi apni pichkariyan Ruksana ki gaand mein chod di aur Ruksana to jaise pagal hi ho gayi vo aahaahhahhh…karke hasne lagi ….phir thodi der baad rone lagi phir karhane lagi aur aakhir mein mere seene par dher ho gayi aur mujhse. Joyce pushed her face close to the window to try and get a glimpse at what it was. The object was small and cylindrical with a tab on its top that reminded her of the pin of a grenade. Oh gods, was he going to blow up the phone booth with her inside it?!“PLEASE please please, don’t do this! I didn’t do nothing to ‘ya, please don’t pull the pin.”The figure, silent as always, leaned down and unceremoniously pulled the pin. Joyce backed into the far corner of the booth and into a fetal position.. Beog himself demanded it!”“And what does Beog get out of it?”“I ... do not know...”“Power, Crnnch. He gets power. Yet does he use it for his people, making their lives better?”“No...”“He hoards it; doling out pitiful amounts, just enough to keep the Beoghra in charge. The self-same Beoghra who live in splendour on Draenoric in their palaces with their servants and who wipe out the Yr’ch should they decide they are a means to an end as they did on Craachan,” the goddess stated, putting Crnnch’s. "I didn't know you played tennis." I don't, but I knew you'd be here and I thought I'd crash the party."With a start Sammi realized he was naked, not that she minded at all. "I wasn't expecting to see you until Monday." My folks decided to come back a couple of days ago. We live on the west side of town, and I was tired of puttering around the house, so I told them I was going to go out." And they let you go?" Why not? I'm old enough. Besides, they're visiting some friends and getting.

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