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‘Well, if you have it, flaunt it! I’d hate to look back after 20 years and realise I never enjoyed it.’ Janine didn’t press the point that Nat...sha’s mother was still looking fabulous 20 years on. They say it’s all in the genes. ‘Anyway I’ll see you after school!’ Janine headed to her locker to grab her books before the first class. There was five minutes to the first class and not many people were around. The students enjoyed being late for the first lesson of the day anyway. She just opened. Waise meri shaadi ko 5 saal ho gaye hai. Aur asusual meri pati office aur tours mein busy rehte hai. Meri bahut sari saheliya hai paar kuch kafi kareeb hai, aap samaj hi gaye honje…..What i mean…Hum log ek dusre ke ghar kitty party organise karti hai waise phi time pass ke liye kuch to chahiye…Every 15 days turn by turn sabhi ke ghar jaate hai. Fir khana, pina aur mauj masti…..Aur aab to saab itne khul chuke hai ki sabhi apne secrets batane mein koi jijak nahi hoti… Naughty baatein karne ka. Were... , PINK. Sam laughed and asked why I wanted pink sheets, I felt like swatting her fanny but remembered, no panties. Liz giggled and told me they were cute.I called Miss Stupid over and asked if they had any other colours. After hearing a lot of nothing and that I could have any colour Queen size, I broke in telling her I only wanted Super King, Sam looked around me at Liz, no talking but lots of moving lips. Miss Stupid became Miss Dumb when she said I could dye them. To hell with it, I. It became easier and easier to get me into her fucking schedule. A few weeks before the first anniversary of our initial copulation, I invited her to spend the night away with me. This would be a first.She gave me kind of an odd look, then smiled and said she be delighted so we figured out the best Saturday night to plan for.As we drove to the resort hotel I’d saved my money for, she reached over to my crotch and said quietly, “I know this is a special event for you so I’ve not had anybody else.

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