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She was looking forward to taking on a raid boss on her PC later, then maybe she might read some isekai novels. For now, though, she needed a nice, re...axing bath.Heading into the tiny attached bathroom, she began disrobing. She sat down on the toilet lid and slipped off her worn gray sneakers and black stockings. Next came her pleated black skirt and plain white panties, which she tossed in the hamper. Unzipping her green hoodie, she released the surprisingly large bust she kept hidden under. Subject I was a spoiled, bratty, self-centered woman, to say the least. She contacted us saying she wanted us to train her to enjoy a more diverse sex life. After preliminary tests and interviews, she was recommended to me to work with as it might lead to more close-up research of deviancies.She had seemed fine when trying to get accepted, but once she had her first interview session with me, her true personality came out in full force. I was ready to terminate things in the first fifteen. 5 inch lamba hai ab sidhe story pe aatey hai baat us time ki hai jab me callage karta tha mere pass koi vehicle nahi tha to me public transport se callge aata jata thaEk din me bus me chadha to bahot bhir thi aadmi muskil se saas le sake esi bhir to me ek jagah khara hua to me jnha khara tha vnha paas k seat me ek 35 year ki aunty bethi thi to me khara tha mere man me koi bhi galat vichar nahi tha but jese jese bus aage jati bhir badhti jati to me us aunty ko ek dum chipak k kahara tha bhir ki. Baby you look fantastic I said. You did know that wearing these shorts without paints does two things didn't you? Well I know about that beautiful camel toe you have there , what else does it do? Well she said that camel toe is because the seam of the shorts is right up my cunt and rubbing my clit. I'll probably have a wet spot in them by the time we get there. Hey I don't care if they don't I said with a laugh. Oh and you can see my nipples through this thin white tank top. I said again I'm OK.

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