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I think you should see for yourself." Smiling, I stepped forward and opened my own coat, uncovering my own 'thermometer'. "Hazel opened her mouth agai... and I slid it in. "This is definitely more serious than we thought. I think a full examination is called for. I think we should retire to the examination room." I took Hazel's hand. "Would you follow me please, Mrs. Russell," I said as I led her down the hallway and into the bedroom, followed closely by David. When all three of us were through. So he got a chance to see them…“Now the story is starts”JAHEER got the chance and JAHEER don’t to miss that. On that d-day in the morning JAHEER came to our house with the pretext to call her to fuck. JAHEER rang the bell n she opened the door. My eyes got struck on her huge melons. JAHEER kept looking on them. She was in a transparent nighty and just woke up. JAHEER told her that her husband called him and told him about this idea to fuck her and she asked him to stay back and she would come. ." I sighed, debatingwhether or not to call Dorothy, before thinking better of it. She'd askwhy I never mentioned any of this to her before. Why I didn't considerit newsworthy enough, even in retrospect."Then it settled," the older woman responded warmly, taking my hand oncemore. "I do appreciate your cooperation in this matter, Ms. Klein. We'llget in touch with you through Mr. Kane." Wonderful," I murmured under my breath as the two cops left, turning onmy sensible heels as the door swung. The nearest will be about a thousand miles from you. Yes, there are some of the natives at war with each other.'"How did you know I was going to ask those questions," I said as I walked over and sat in the other chair.'I read your mind. Now can I ask a question?'"Your quarter, spit it out," I replied.'I like that, will have to remember that when I'm dealing with your species. I assume you want the basement to go, but what about the room under the barn?'"What room?" I asked in surprise.'There is.

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