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But I have not used this in a long, long while. It had brought me many a good time when I was alone dear” and then Mary as if using it, closed her, to recall those times. She smiled openly. “Ohhhhhh yes honey” she went on to add “I recall those days. I sometimes still want to try use this, still want to try it out.” But I’m not using it because of my suitor lately although you don’t need to know about him. She handed her toy to Maxine and Maxine had no choice but to take the larger then. She did not talk to me the whole day and kept avoiding me. I was also too busy in the wedding preparations as it was on the next day. But I was eagerly waiting for sun to set.At night, as usual I went to her room and found her already sleeping. She was wearing a loose and thin black top due to which I could easily spot her cute pink bra. She had tight blue shorts on. I turned on the AC and exhaust, lowered the temperature to lowest level, locked the room and made sure no sound can be heard. Occasions in your life! Haven't you young man?" I'm sorry sir," I began to reply, but Albert -- on a roll -- continued speaking."Prize giving at that damned silly expensive school your mother insisted on shipping you off to. I have it on very good authority that your father was there for every one of them. And, he was also at your graduation from university!"Damn-it girl, you walked right past your father to collect your diploma, without even noticing him. He knew who you were, but you failed. When I was younger, my parents often talked about Apartheid in South Africa. The racist white men and white women who controlled the Apartheid government of South Africa constantly mistreated the Blacks of that nation. Even though Blacks make up ninety percent of the population of the Republic of South Africa. When Apartheid ended and a Black man became President of the Republic of South Africa, I was thrilled. Finally, the Blacks down there were free. It wouldn’t occur to me that Israel was.

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