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He was tied hand and foot but could still squirm. He watched our every move as we dumped buckets of chum over the side and waited. We rigged four reel... with flimsy hooks to avoid hurting the sharks. Indigestion was enough punishment for being a shark.I asked the piece of shit cowering on his ass who had contacted him and who might have been aware that I had brought Adame back. He told me right away Adame's wife had wanted revenge and she would take care of it herself. He didn't think that she. My hands go from her back down to her butt. Man, I love her ass. It feels so great in my hands. I don’t even know what to do with it, it just feels amazing! She turns her head sideways a little bit to kiss deeper with her tongue. Instantly I get an urge and I act on it. I pull her waist in with my hands that were already on her ass onto my extremely erect penis that is being blocked by tighty whities and shorts. I can feel it throbbing and I know she can feel it too. We’re alone. All the. ..her knees, her ankles...released! She wanted to bend down and kiss His boot—would have, gladly, if He'd indicated that He wanted her to.But He was busy removing the handcuffs from the railings. Then, almost as an afterthought, He reached down the back of her panties and plucked Long John from its hiding place, the sudden absence of vibration between her legs startling a gasp from Jenny. He switched it off and carried it, along with the cuffs, back into her apartment, grabbing the chair as he. Francis could only stare at her in wonder as the curvy, leather cladGoddess drank his essence and stood over him. She was an avatar of lust,domination and sin. She was everything he had been trained to fear,despise and reject. And all he could think about was getting his moutharound her fat, brown schlong and sucking her to climax again.Jessica let out a sign of contentment before dropping the empty latexsleeve on Francis' chest and placing her hands on her hips."Good boy! Mistress is.

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