Far too far ..."We stood up and hugged warmly. Perhaps I could make my way back into their confidence again. They had done so much for me. I would def...nitely try.***She laughed as she pushed the inside of my thighs down as I lie on my back. We had been together enough weeks that laughter could be part of the sex. "This is what got you in trouble in the first place isn't it darling?"Linda placed her hand on the thick rubber dildo and placed it gently against the outside of my ass. She bent over. Once Rah got the ring in Wales working, and he had sorted out the correct spells to get to each ring on Utopia, they started building the small rings to link directly to the other portals on Utopia.Que copied Rah’s notes on how to fix the rings, without telling him. He had to shift a couple of his Therian families to Jahnville. He was just able to transport them, a couple at a time, to an island just off the coast from where the ring was located. Here they created a small village so they could. " Turning to Nollie she said, "Quickly, go upstairs and get her some more clothes. We'll be in the car."We waited in the car for about two minutes, and Nollie came running out of the house with some hanging clothes in one hand and a shopping bag in the other.Nollie jumped into the back seat and said, "Let's go."The drive was short and quiet. I had no idea how to start or continue a conversation. There was a big hole in my chest where my heart had been. I had never felt so empty.Emily bustled us. Never expected an admission of anything from her, just expected more denial, giving grief, rage and anger. Now I’m hearing her caring about someone else, an apology, showing her own weakness, acknowledgement of her damaging actions, and finally, growth. It was over 5 minutes until she regained composure enough to talk again. I did not try to smooth anything over for her, but I did let her know that I was still there, listening. Then I asked what she would like me to do. She hesitated. In fact,.

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Sisterly love

Sisterly love

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